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Originally Posted by jithinbc View Post
My Victory Fire team:-)
(Lv.80) Infernape
(Lv.77) Heracross
(Lv.78) Electrode
(Lv.73) Gyarados
(Lv.75) Bayleef
(Lv.66) Haunter
But what about your Victory Fire team?

Jokes aside, here are mine:

Current Emerald
Blaziken Lv. 46
Aggron Lv. 46
Donphan Lv. 44
Swellow Lv. 44
Absol Lv. 44
Staryu Lv. 34 (Training)

(7 Badges, in the Abandoned Ship getting the Water Stone)

Current FireRed
Charizard Lv. 36
Hypno Lv. 36
Fearow Lv. 36
Vaporeon Lv. 35
Hitmonlee Lv. 32
[IDK who I want as a sixth pokemon, maybe just an HM slave]

(4 Badges, about to fight Koga)

Current FireRed (ROM)
Wartortle Lv. 34
Arcanine Lv. 33
Dugtrio Lv. 31
Primeape Lv. 31
Nidoking Lv. 32
Rattata (HM SLAVE)

(4 badges, just made it to Fuschia)
Studious ROM Hacker

POKEMON EMERALD+ -coming soon
(Sometime in July...hopefully)

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