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"Hey kid be careful with that thing. If you shoot me I'll break my foot on your head.”

Though it was a tempting offer, Ezra decided against shooting his own comrade and instead unloaded into the enemy ghasts. Pulling the trigger, a rush of adrenaline swept through his body. Goosebumps rose from his skin as he locked on to his target. A bullet encased in flames flew past Daniel and deep into the center of the ghast. Embedded in the ghast, the bullet released a small explosion, filling the air with the same shimmering dust that blanketed Oerba.

The recoil threw Ezra a bit off balance, but he managed to keep his footing. A wide smile spread across his face as he chuckled. “Hmm. I wonder what else I can do.” As Daniel read their weaknesses off, Aurora and Jericho hacked and slashed at the ghasts. Preparing to fire off another round, a loud thud echoed behind Ezra. Slowly turning, the goosebumps returned as he saw a large blue body from the side of his eye. One of the ghasts managed to sneak behind the group and take prey on the brunette. Letting out a menacing roar, a ball of fire was beginning to form from the red center of its body.

“Be careful of their fire attacks!” Daniel called out.

Rolling his eyes, Ezras primal instincts took over. He dashed backwards and narrowly avoided the flame. Shutting his eyes, his luscious locks began to flow in the air. Grey particles formed in his hand and took shape in a small orb of magic. Ezra raised his arm and shot the sphere towards the ghasts. While it didn’t do much damage, a small fog crept around it, dampening its ability to cast spells. The second fireball it was readying disappeared, thus angering the ghasts. “Uh, a little help guys,” Ezra pleaded. He hoped that someone would be able to tank the damage from the charging ghast or else he would be a goner.
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