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What happens if I push it?....
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Quote originally posted by ace_45:
I have a question about a rom cheat

I'm trying to get the 1000 exp one ,rare candy,and tm,but i can't find any that works. Could someone help me find the code? i think a master code is needed to right?
This is not the place to ask this. This is *ROM* hacking. What you are asking for is *RAM* hacking. Find a different location.

Quote originally posted by gogojjtech:
Is it possible to change the old man's backsprite according to gender? Or just multiple switches?
Use the backsprite switcher in JPAN's engine. That is the only way right now.

Quote originally posted by ForeverDash:
So you know how I can fix this?
I just checked. Psycho Boost is the last move created in Gen III. Just don't touch anything past it and you should be fine.

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