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Do you think that women overcomplicate things when it comes to romantics and what they expect from men? Or do you think the fault lies with them for the complications?

I dated a girl who was incredibly blunt and kept things simple. I was the overly complicated one.

Do you think that instead, men oversimplify the needs of a woman? Or Vice versa

I don't see it as complex vs. simple, I just see it as if they can be met or not. If you communicate, well everything is a lot more clear. I think people call things complex when they don't know the whole picture and are confronted with a problem they can't easily solve.

What, in relationships do partners do that they may be unaware is bothering their partner and how can they be better boyfriends/girlfriends.

It could be anything. Just talk about it and figure it out. That being said, intimacy has to be developed over time. I think the best thing to do is to play it by ear - and the best way to do that is to be true to both yourself and him/her and communicate.
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