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Morsi was beginning to act like a dictator though, I remember hearing about people in protest about giving himself overreaching power and working without judicial oversight last year - they've only grown since then. The people didn't stage a coup, the military did. Perhaps it was the lesser of the two evils. Or perhaps it was the only option. I can't see Morsi ordering the military to fire on the protesters, and the protests were only growing larger. Sooner or later there would've been a confrontation. The military is happy enough to stay out of politics as long as they keep their power and perks, so perhaps they did the right thing by helping out the inevitable transition to a new political order.

And democracy should not be respected for its own sake, it should be respected for the process of achieving good government. Which this democracy clearly did not deliver, judging by the people in the streets and the petitions with millions of names calling for Morsi to resign. If the whole point of democracy was to get the most amount of votes, then all politicians would care for is getting elected versus doing a good job in office. Elected officials also have an unstated mandate to their constituency, kind of like an honour rule if you will. If you were elected in a landslide, you're probably safe doing whatever you want. If people voted for you hesitantly and because you were the best of bad choices, then maybe you shouldn't be making some big moves.

Egypt is going through a very difficult time economically. If this helps gets people off the streets, if they have to do this every couple of years until the economy can restructure or recover, then so be it for there will still be peace. The alternative would be a violent confrontation between the Brotherhood and the opposition, and for now we have a military-mediated deal. I'm okay as long as the peace is kept and Egypt doesn't spiral into war and collapse.
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