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Originally Posted by Badhaas View Post
I am fully aware of the large scope of the project, I often tend to be quite ambitious though it's still something I want to try and love to do.

The game wouldn't necessarily become even larger than one gigabyte, map sizes of large maps in other projects of mine went up to 170kb. This would suggest, assuming all maps will be this large and taking the map limit of rpg maker of 999 in account, the size of the game would be less than 200mb. Though I could be wrong with this prediction. Thanks for pointing it out, I'll make a test project to make a more accurate prediction.

The increase in levels is indeed a more obvious issue. However there are solutions, besides changing the level cap. First of all, the xp gaining system of black and white causes Pokémon to gain less xp from lower level opponents, which discourages getting over-leveled. The level curve in for example hg/ss shows that the first elite four is up to lv 50, the second elite four being up to lv 75. This curve would suggest the third elite four about lv 90, and the fourth about lv 100. This would also suggest that the game gets more difficult the more Pokémon leagues they defeat. The idea is also that players will be challenged more on their team building skills later in the game, instead of just sweeping through the elite four.
In case players progress through the regions in a predefined order all trainer will be adjusted to the right level. In case players have any influence on this order, trainers will need different versions for when they can be encountered.
This prevents the player from getting overpowered, and makes leveling Pokémon less interesting near the end. Though it could be that the remaining gameplay isn't interesting enough to keep playing. That's one of the risks of the project.
it very well could become way too large; you have to take into account everything you use, such as all the characters, all of the pokemon, all of the tilesets, and dont even get me started on the music....oh my god the music....

However, it is entirely possible to do. good luck, you're gunna need it
also, to deal with the level thing, a possilbe option would be making the opponents or even wild pokemon as strong as your strongest pokemon

to add to your ideas, since it sounds like you're looking for some suggestions, I think it would be cool if you were a standard character; however depending on where you started you get a different outfit (the outfit the main character typically wears in-game) however, depending on where you chose to start, you get a house there (nothing fancy, just a small typical NPC house. Inside you can change your clothes in a closet, watch TV (not like you would see anything lol) and heal your pokemon
when you travel to the new region, you should leave your pokemon behind and receive a new starter and outfit (sort of like ash, except you get a whole new outfit and start over completely and could wear any previous outfit you own already) and inside your new house you can travel to any other house you own (its magic)

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