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This is one of the only Challenges where you can pick all of your rules.

Here is how you sign up:
Username: MrBunny9612
Game: FireRed
Rules: (please choose up to 10 rules for your challenge)
One Move Rule:
A pokemon must know _______ move in your team.

Where you pick if you want only male/female/genderless pokemon in your team.

Can/Can't use ________.

Must battle all pokemon or all trainers or even pick up all items you come across.

More Games Rule:
If you want to play more than one game with the rules you pick.

Changing in-game rules like playing on set instead of shift.

Can/Can't use a certain pokemon and it's evolutions.

Team must be based off of ______________.

Choose your ending:
Instead of having to collect all badges and defeating the pokemon league, you can beat all 10 pokeathlon events or catch a shiny pokemon.

You don't have to follow this, you can make your own rules if you like.


MrBunny9612 playing on FireRed
Slaying Moon playing on Storm Silver

physi1 played on FireRed

This also means you can hack in and trade pokemon that you need.
You also can pick if you want to play more than one game for this challenge.

So Sign Up Today (plz.)

I will pick my own rules to do the challenge with.
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