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Quote originally posted by ANARCHit3cht:
I see nothing wrong with this. It is an improvement in the safety of the procedure, and urges women to forgo an abortion without encroaching upon their rights to any considerable extent. I have always been strongly pro-choice in all matters abortion, but I could really get behind something like this.
Except it isn't. It's requiring forced ultrasounds in a devious way designed to try to guilt trip the woman into walking back her decision, and making her submit to an unwanted procedure.

Quote originally posted by Aeon:
I'm fine with that kind of stuff. It makes people make sure if they really want to do it. It's not like they're completely trying to outlaw it...
See above.

Quote originally posted by TRIFORCE89:
I don't agree with requiring ultrasounds, but wouldn't having the admitting privileges be beneficial?
Not necessarily. Those admitting privileges are a clever way of masking the real intentions of the bill by making it look like they care about making the process safe and legal. The easiest way to get to the clinic staff is via those admitting privileges.

Quote originally posted by FreakyLocz14:
This is a great bill! Liberals always say that abortion should be "safe, legal, and rare", well this bill complies will all three. It requires qualified doctors to perform the risky and life-changing procedure, makes sure that women make a fully-informed decision, but ultimately keeps abortion legal.
Or it's just another clever way to curb abortions overall and making women willing to seek less-than-quality healthcare options form elsewhere in their desperation, a la Kermit Gosnell.

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