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May I reserve a spot please?

Name: Saiyuu "Sai" Mori

Nickname(s): Sai

Gender: Female

Age: 17

5'9. Mixes that same outfit with different colors every day. Saiyuu wears a ponytail at night, and needs glasses to read. Saiyuu wears black shoes. Saiyuu has a black bag for her game.

Personality: Saiyuu is a total game head. She so into her games that the game she was playing last was her personality. Saiyuu is kind.(When she's not playing the game) She has a soft spot for animals but never dared to get one after her brothers death. Saiyuu is an easily angered person. Saiyuu's moods change so quickly, it isn't called split personality. Saiyuu is antisocial, and mostly stays to herself. Saiyuu is usually calm, but is very arrogant. Saiyuu is overconfident when it comes to games. Saiyuu thinks she can't be beat in her games and has been right so far. Saiyuu's competitive nature sets her character perfectly. She has never lost a game to anyone except her older brother. Saiyuu is open about her emotions, and isn't afraid to tell them. Saiyuu can be open-minded. Sometimes.

History: Saiyuu's parents thought that she was too antisocial, and decided to bring her here. Saiyuu was always an inside person, who would rather play games than face life. Eventually the games took over her life style, and she became antisocial. Saiyuu decided that if she had games she didn't need anyone. She started locking her door from the inside so her family didn't 'interrupt' her gaming time. After awhile Saiyuu began to hate real life, and doesn't play around when it comes to games. When Saiyuu isn't playing, she's thinking of new strategies. Saiyuu's mom is the one who 'trapped' her in the facility. Saiyuu snuck her game system into the program. Saiyuu gets outrageously angry when people touch her game system.

Saiyuu's brother died in a car accident. Saiyuu received the game system from her brother after he died and never put it down afterwards. The day Saiyuu turned on the game was the sadist day of her life. The screen saver was her. Saiyuu found a little journal on the system that was all about her since she was a baby, and up until he died. Saiyuu couldn't crack the codes on all the notes so she doesn't know what other things her brother said about her. Saiyuu is very close to the system because to her, the system IS her brother. Any thoughs and memories her brother had were on the systems journal. This is why Saiyuu is never seen without it. Saiyuu had a very hard time with taking the game, but she took it out of sorrow.

RP Sample:Prim played around Saiyuu's shoulders and on her head. "Poom" She cried, nibbling on something. "What are you eating Prim?" Saiyuu said looking up to find a nibbled oran berry in Prims paws. "Pom♪" She cried. "Prim, where did you get that?" Saiyuu frowned. "Pom.." She cried pointing to Saiyuu's open berry pouch. "Prim. You should ask for things." Saiyuu scolded lightly. Prim nodded and closed the pouch. "Time to switch. Prim, return." Saiyuu said switching to Togi's PokèBall.
Togi twirled around a d then jumped into Saiyuu's arms. "Alright!" Saiyuu cried playfully. Saiyuu stepped in front of route 2. "Do you think we're ready Togi?" Saiyuu asked, looking down at the pokèmon in her arms. "To togi" He responded. "Alright. If you think so." Saiyuu turned back to town and went to route 1. A Spearow was pecking at it's feathers near a tree.
"Alright Togi, use growl!" Saiyuu said letting Togi jump down and charge. When Togi was close he growled with all his might. "Tooogiii!" He growled, startling the spearow who recovered with sand attack. Togi was showing the obvious. He couldn't see the Spearow. Something was moving swiftly through the dust toward Togi. "Togi, jump!" Saiyuu called. Togi obeyed, but the spearow simply flew upwards and used peck. Togi was knocked back down, but he quickly recovered. The spearow was coming down again. "Now Togi, use bite!" Saiyuu said. Togi jumped on the Spearow, who tried to throw him off. Togi clung to the Spearow amd used bite. The Spearow was damaged but continued to try to buck Togi off.
"Alright, use bite again!" Saiyuu called. Togi bit the Spearow, who begun to lose altitude. Togi jumped off as the spearow continued to fall. The spearow got up and used gust on Togi who flew back on a tree. "To.. Togi.." Togi rose but he was wobbling.
"Hang in there Togi! Use return!" Saiyuu called. This is it. If Togi misses or Spearow dodges, Togi's going to faint, Saiyuu thought. Togi surged for the spearow, striking out wildly at it. When Saiyuu looked up it was over. The Spearow had fainted. Getting up again, the spearow flew off. "Togi, great job!" Saiyuu said running over. "You did great so get a good rest." She said returning him to his ball, and heading to the Pokèmon Center.


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