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Originally Posted by UltimaCircuit View Post
Yes, we did change tiles but our Lead Mapper went away for a moment without letting us know how to fix it. I do think it is the animations because the flowers and fences have little arrow like formations on them. I also cannot post links till I have 15 or more posts so I also sent the video to you via PM. I hope you don't mind.
You epically failed at youtube tags Don't worry, I did the same thing my first time using them.


Explanation of youtube tags:
When using youtube tags, just take the video i.d. and put it in the tags. Compare this to your url:

HTML Code:

tags: [YOUTUBE]xe_OyxkM1ao[/YOUTUBE]

Now, the issue is simple: Animations are attached to specific tiles in the tile set. I'm going to guess you didn't expect that? You probably thought they were attached to the blocks. When you redrew your tiles, you probably just randomly inserted them. Tiles with animations attached need to be replaced by new versions. Meaning, when you insert new water, you need put the new water tiles over the old water tiles. The only animations attached to the actual block data are doors.

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