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In a way Yes and No.
No, when I catch a Pokemon I really want in my team, I don't focus on ability/stats/gender at first - I will make every possible effort to catch it then......
Yes, once its caught, I look at it's gender and decide on a nickname appropriate to its species, type, and gender

So many of my game's Pokemon gender isn't really organized. I could have one game with 3 are male and the other female, I may have a game where 5 are female and 1 male, or I could have a team that is all male or all female...... my only exceptions:

Nicknames, I'm ready to give my Pokemon nicknames, that's gender plays a huge role - I don't want to give a female Pokemon a male nickname - this applies mostly to Pokemon in my PC Box, as in all games - my 4 main Pokemon already have a nickname, I play with 4 or 5 Pokemon I like, the rest I'm willing giving a new Pokemon a try - I may like or I may not like them, I won't know until I try.

Breeding, obviously I need a male and a female,, I prefer the same species of Pokemon [for example - a male cat-like Pokemon to a female cat-like Pokemon as oppose to just a male and female Liepard]

• When I'm playing a specific challenge [for example my "All Mustelid Team" - "All Cat Team" or next planned one "All Water-Type Team" & "All Fighting-Type Team"], I plan out my team ahead of time, including gender because of their Nicknames.
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