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Originally Posted by Kotowari View Post
Marth is the reason I got into Fire Emblem. Although I initially planned on playing with Pikachu or Link in SSBB, it was Marth who quite soon became my main fighter. Needless to say I got interested in his back story and all that. I find it amusing how up to this day I've yet to actually get into his story. I've seen the FE OVA and read the manga, but it's still not quite the same as the actual game.

To me, the best protagonist.. I have a hard time deciding really. I agree with Marth being iconic, but I'm afraid I have little to add concerning his role in the story. To me, the best protag would be either Chrom or Eliwood. They are both quite funny and really got me emotionally attached to them.
I wouldn't forget about Ike either, though. Although he's a bit in the BG of Radiant Dawn, he's definitely a great character in Path of Radiance... Where he truely grows from a brat to the one who put an end to the Mad King Ashnard.

I'm a bit indifferent about Ephraim and Eirika... as it was mainly Lyon who I, as a player, was concerned about. Although I like the twins, my favourite characters of FE8 are minor ones (like Joshua, Vanessa, Cormag,...).
Micaiah is a bit "..." for me. I like her, but she's not as great as a protag as the other ones.
now i want to play path of radiance and radiant dawn even more! even though i got a wii i never got to play those two because of how expensive games here are D: i'll try to emulate them if worst comes to worst but for now i'll try to get ahold of them via legal ways. i never got into super smash but i should give it a try one day it definitely seems so cool

Originally Posted by Dansparce View Post
Finally, A Fire Emblem club!

Username: Dansparce

Favorite Game: I want to say Rekka no Ken, but Awakening is also a stellar game. Hmm... I'm going to go with Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword.

Favourite Character: Anna

Games I've played: I've played some of The Binding Blade, finished Rekka No Ken, played some of The Sacred Stones (but got bored with it) and Awakening.

Favourite Protagonist: Hector, just because of how incredibly awesome he is.
Welcome! the games we played are mostly the same with the sole difference of sacred stones as i finished it but i had to give up on binding blade too because my patched rom had a bug in it that prevented me from progressing. anyway hope you have fun and welcome again!
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