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Samantha Felicity Cooper

Corphish was punted a short distance by one of the Team Rocket grunts, and then smacked himself in the face with his claw in his confusion. Somewhere deep in the reccesses of his mind he made a mental note to do very unpleasant things to that human as soon as he got a chance.

Sammy wasn't in any position to put up much of a fight against the grunt - probably fortunately for him. She had little of real value on her beyond some cash. Fortunately her belt was security locked, any attempt to steal the pokeballs magnetically sealed there would be extremely difficult, and likely result in releasing a very angry Pokemon. If the grunts were too over zealous in their larceny they'd find the fight less clearly in their favour, although they would be in for any real bad luck if they accidentally released Shuppet. Cubone was still unlikely to fight and Ponyta was injured - though judging by the earlier encounter that was unlikely to stop it from going on a rampage against the grunts.
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