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My team is as follows:

Magnezone Level 100 (Thundor)
Magnet Bomb (Go-to attack)
Electro Ball
Discharge (Amazing for Double/Triple battles)
Magnet Rise (Helpful)
Thundor is my best Pokemon, and with Magnet Rise can defeat most Ground-types Level 70 or less.

Golurk Level 61 (Bryock)
Hammer Arm
Strength (What? it's a neat attack)
Heavy Slam (Useful, but even better against those lightweights)
This Pokemon is essentially the polar opposite of Thundor. In double battles, Thundor uses Discharge, which this is immune to. Weak non-Ground types can't survive, and Bryock can take those with Heavy Slam or Stength.

Bronzor Level 36 (Megamiror)
Future Sight
Metal Sound
Gyro Ball
I have plans for this Pokemon, as it has its Dream World ability of Heavy Metal. Gotta love Hidden Grottos!

Zekrom Level 72 (Zeus)
Zen Headbutt
Fusion Bolt
Dragon Claw
I got this through N and the Dragonspiral Tower. Even after the completion of the main game, this Pokemon can defeat most things. Just for reference, Thundor spammed Discharge on this thing and it actually did a lot of damage per hit, despite the 4x resistances this guy has.

Chinchou Level 48 (Antifire)
Water-based HM slave. Nothing much to say here.

Tropius Level 59 (Fruitplane)
Leaf Tornado
Air Slash
Token Fly user. Named after Chorocojo's Tropius from the Emerald LP.

Thundor can literally take down any AI-based team, and, with the help of a Level 100 Sunflora (I don't even know WHY I trained it), swept the whole E4. I also have, in the way of legendaries...
Kyurem (Had to defeat Colress to get the Master Ball for this guy)

My starter was Snivy. They are bad.