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Samantha Felicity Cooper

Aw, crap... she'd thought Mark would phone up other Trainers and get a vigilante mob going, not the police... that was attention she didn't need, but there was always the chance that Cubone's original Trainer hadn't reported her. The most important thing right now was getting their Pokemon back, she could worry about the rest later.

She grabbed a Super Potion from her bag and quickly sprayed Corphish with it, who quickly perked up. If they were going into a hostile situation she wanted Corphish to be ready, there was no room for error here. Team Rocket were every bit as underhanded and dangerous as she'd been led to believe, but they'd caught her by suprise before. This time they wouldn't be anywhere near so lucky.

Putting the spent medecine back into her bag she picked it up and started walking, following the red blip on the tracker. It was a good thing that after... getting... Cubone she'd invested in an anti-theft device for her Pokemon. After all, if she could do it there was nothing stopping other people from doing the same. If not for that she'd have no way of tracking down the Rocket Grunts.

They were going to pay for this.
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