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Samantha Felicity Cooper

Sammy nodded and kept her mouth shut when Mark proudly displayed Kara and touted her ability to handle Electric types. Her Ground type needed rescuing and she didn't trust herself to give Kara any praise without sounding bitter.

"Alright, this as accurate as the tracker gets," she said, slipping it back into her bag, "from here on we'll just have to trust that we can find them ourselves. So we'll have to keep quiet and listen out for any signs of where the Rockets are hiding."

Corphish didn't pay a great deal of attention to Kara, too focused on helping "The Coop" and getting her other Pokemon back. As the self styled protector of the team he didn't feel like he'd done a very good job at it the one time he was really put to the test. If only he were stronger, then he'd crush those Team Rocket goombah's into paste with his claws.
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