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So this'll be my first update for Emerald...I guess...yep.

1) I chose to hack in Meditite because in Emerald, you have to trade to get it. That's the only one on my list that was not available in Emerald. And when they only start with Bide...goodness that is hard.

2)After Learning Confusion at lvl9, everything was sooooo much easier. And then I got to Rustboro and immediately went to 116 and caught the Whismur. I've always had a liking for these guys...

3) I was actually really worried about going into the gym with basically only Meditite, because Whismur only knew/knows normal type moves, so I trained him up to 15 and went in...He got all the gym leader's pokemon in one shot...Pretty proud of him.

And that's the first update. I'll probably do the same kind of update from now on because it seems easy enough. So thanks for reading and have a nice day. :D