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Originally Posted by coolking49 View Post
What I'm planning on doing is simply trigger the flag for the badge while the script giving the HM is happening. I don't think it actually triggers anything, it just makes it such that it looks like you have the badge and that you can use the HMs. If you don't want the person to access the elite 4 yet, simply change the flag needed for someone to access the e4 building.

Speaking of thinking outside the box, I have a question:
I know the games have certain doors which are locked until a certain event occurs. How would one go about doing that? My first thought was have an invisible person on the spot of the door until a flag is triggered, removing the person, but I can't find the sprite number for an invisible person. having a script which triggers when you step on the square just before the door stopping you and telling you to turn back seems rather unprofessional. Is there any other way? Thanks!
the invisible person works fine... the sprite can be anything, just make it hidden under movement

you could put a script in front of the door, just like for cinnabar's gym... when someone walks up to the door it gives a lil text and makes the person walk the other direction...

you ask alot of questions that can be answered by simply looking at the scripts already in the game...
you wanna know about a locked door, go to the locked door already in the game and see how they did it...
gamefreak already solved most of the problems you will run into...