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Do you want to go by a nickname? If so, your nickname is: Miau is just fine
Pick a partner Pokemon (optional): Purrrrrrloin ♥
Pick your partner's nickname (optional): Duchess
Your favorite real-life cat: My favorite breed would be the Singapura, tiny and noisy and playful. I love all kitties though!
Your favorite cat Pokemon: Purrloin/Liepard. But if we're talking about a particular kitty, then TR's Meowth takes the cake. Loved him since I was a kid watching the anime on TV, and recently I gave a listen to this:

An answer to the topic: Why do you think Nintendo made many cat Pokemon so awful to use in battle? Does it irritate you?

Well, apparently by their logic, you can't have both cuteness and strength. And all the kitty Pokemon are really cute simply because they're kitties. Purugly, what is that? I do like how they've focused on different aspects of the feline nature: Skitty the sickeningly cute, I can't even look at it without getting a cavity ♥; Liepard the cruel trickster, really sneaky in battle; Glameow the proud princess, star of Super Contests; Purugly the I haz too many cheezburgerz and now I shall haz you. I don't know, I think they are fulfilling a certain purpose already, and some even have certain strategies that work really well in battle, like Liepard. I feel like there's no need to have all Pokemon super fit for battle anyway, though sure, I'd like to see a super-strong cat Pokemon. Maybe Litleo's evolutionary line will break the ice in Gen 6.