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I've been neglecting the thread as well. ^^'

I can see that. It was fun reading his dialog in the manga.

Yeah, the Japanese version is darker. I made the colors more vivid. It makes it look nicer in print.

Speaking of printing, my printer decided to be nice and let me print it, despite having an "empty black cartridge." The last time I tried to print black, everything that was supposed to be black faded out until it was invisible. I guess letting the cartridge sit in there for a month or so let some of the ink settle back down in it or something. I doubt I'll be able to get much more from it, though.

I wanted to make it non-holo, like the majority of old Japanese promos, but I didn't have any glossy paper (anything else I have would bleed), so I made it holo. I used the foil from a Hidden Legends alternate holo and added a fireworks laminate because it looked too plain with just the Energy symbols foil.

The image is kind of big, so click here to view it.

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