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Moles are hard to figure out.

Naturally, Sorae gave up on the mole after a while; it was draining too much energy anyways. It was then when he looked up, to his surprised, that... woah what? That could be dangerous! Someone could get hurt! Someone being the old lady falling out of the sky! Sorae cringed. And then Chris noticed something. And he ran to where the lady fell. But the most important detail, which Sorae was quick to realize, was that... he kissed Milly on the hand. Downward spiral, anyone? He quickly looked away before irritation showed on his face, slightly; then he decided he would have to do something himself. Something about the person falling out of the sky. Something about the burning in the forest.

"Milly... I think you should stay here, but I'm not stopping you from coming with me, or from going after Chris. But if you do either, I suggest you be prepared for some serious stuff to go down." He grinned. "I'll be back with some arrows, and with the name Volt. Probably."

It was with this that Sorae left poolside, hollering to his sensei about "Old ladies falling from the sky, I'll make up for detention tomorrow or maybe today if I have the time," and then jogging to the dorm, crashing into his room. The door burst open as he grabbed a quiver of arrows and the bow, not wanting to summon, or at least as much as the previous time. Hopefully, he wouldn't have to summon at all, plus he could get some evidence of training, if he were to train in the first place. It was with this that he afterwards looked at a scene unfolding before him; involving Chris, two students he recalled from 3C, and an old lady. ...Well... actually... she was kind of...

--Nope, snap out of it!

He carefully watched, looking ahead. "You're the person who fell out of the sky, right?" He had a small hunch at that moment, and new the others had asked questions; however, he felt these questions may have been more important. Sorry. "Do you know Oz? More importantly..." He reached for his bow, put it on the ground like a cane, and leaned on it, with a hand near the quiver. "Are you part of Fairytale?"
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