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"Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals!"
Airdate: 6 July 2013 [USA]


The kids finally make it to the White Ruins with the help of Cedric's assistant aka Looker. There they unearth the Light Stone, which is subsequently taken by N. Dramatic face-offs happen in the form of verbal sparring rather than actual battle, and then Ash and N fall in a hole.

"Team Plasma and the Awakening Ceremony!"
Airdate: 13 July 2013 [USA]


While their friends are battling aboveground, Ash and N have a heart-to-heart and eventually make it back to the surface. Colress is using his Pokémon controlling machine to the fullest extent, finally rounding it on Pikachu for some dramatic scenes. Ghetsis arrives and begins to summon Reshiram...

"What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals!"
Airdate: 20 July 2013 [USA]


Ghetsis awakens Reshiram. Anthea and Concordia make a valiant attempt to save the day. Colress' machine is destroyed, allowing the good guys to gain the upper hand in battle. Looker teams up with the Rockets to arrest Ghetsis and Colress.

First one: So this was... I don't really know what I was expecting. A little more fighting, probably. But this is the start of the big & dramatic finale so that's alright then. And I love Cedric so much. <3333

Second: SO FOND OF DRAMATIC PIKACONTROL and the blank red eyes thing is always gon be creepy like whoa.

Third: Looker and Rockets asdfghj

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