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Boom! Surprise witness? Who's that random jerk? iiiiit's Sephy!

I joined PC about 2 years ago, I always thought of what it would be like to be my own character in a universe I liked when I watched the shows I liked as a kid, especially pokemon and then I found out that was actually a thing and I was sold XD

I trolled around some sight called Gaia Online for a while roleplaying, but they were all either uninteresting to me, had too many people for consistency etc. and....I don't really remember how I ended up here. But I knew right away the RPC was where I wanted to be, and before long I fell in love with the atmosphere set by the wonderful stories and the kind, creative people here I even made a few friends who were really funny and cool.

But then life did that thing it sometimes does and sideswiped me with a bunch of bs, especially school and I wasn't here for a long time came back about 9 months ago I'd say and couldn't get a hold of my old pals, and couldn't find any RPs that had room for me.

Then I come back yesterday and it seems to be the same sitch, but then low and behold I get on today and there is a new roleplay just starting with room for a few more people! (I know a few people here are aware of it, especially my direct predecessor to this post ;D) But this time I am determined to be a recurring part of this amazing community again even if there's no room for me anywhere!

Wow...that was a......uhh....keyboard full. Anyways guys, great to be here again and I hope to make more friends among you.