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So I am here finally fully excited. Started playing HeartGold yesterday. Currently at Ecruteak city ;
Not much excitement or any thing special but I made a final 5 team before reaching Ecruteak.. Used Three cheats to get Dratini, Riolu and Mudkip in Azalea town... Picked up Cyndaquil as a starter and caught a Mareep along the way. The current team is as of this moment:

Lv 18 Dratini
Lv 20 Quilava
Lv 19 Flaafy
Lv 18 Riolu
Lv 18 Marshtomp
Lv 20 Sudowoodo (HM Slave)

Didn't tried the Bug catching Contest or that Pokeathlon yet. Will do after the main story
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