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In my opinion
There are many great hacks... Some better than others...
Most lack something...

Here are my picks...
FYI R/S/E sucks without a vs seeker... Just saying.


Flora Sky
Possibly the best hack... All pokemon available, Day night effects, great tiles, good story, overall well made, supports trading...
Only the door sprites are to be fixed.

If you ever felt fire red or leaf green was Incomplete, then this is the game for you...
With all Gen 3 pokemon available... Some new events, some new maps and new items makes the game
Feel complete...

best storyline I've seen from any hack... Lacks multiplayer... I haven't been able to fight trainers again either...

GREATEST REMAKE Hack... If only it had the VS Seeker and Trading...
MY Current TEAM (Pokemon Ultra Violet)

Traded to emerald
Favourite pokemon game
Fire red.(Ultra violet) + emerald

Oh yeah I hate the newer gen..
Anything after gen 3 sucks
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