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Originally Posted by grigno View Post
Hi guys here's my actual team, any advice? I need to complete it
Grotle Lv.21
Kirlia Lv.22
Blitzle Lv.21
Staravia Lv.22
Zigzagoon Lv.3 (Hm slave)
Aaaand a free space, waiting to be filled by a cool pokemon. I prefer cool pokemons to strong ones, you know.
Your party is actually just missing Ice and Fighting moves to cover everything.

You could let Gardevoir learn Blizzard, iirc... if not, turning it into Gallade solves your fighting problems. So then, all you'd need is an Ice type-- which will be crucial when you're fighting against dragons. With your current team, you'd be facing problems against them (and Steel types, without fighting). That said, it's totally up to you to choose your "cool" pokemon. Just make sure that you're not forgetting these stuff.

I'm quite against the fire pokemon suggestion, though. They're generally crappy once you reach the end... (hint: just having another pokemon with fire attack(s) easily phases them out too) they might even prove more useless than Grass or Bug types. However, if you're picking one of those fire/fighting starters, then it wouldn't be such a bad idea on that team.

My deal against Fire Pokemon is: (and longer explanation for the others)
- A Fire Pokemon's only purpose in your team would be to counter fellow fire pokemon, or fight steel pokemon. Grass and Bug types? Staravia can handle it.
- The other types fire pokemon could handle, namely Steel and Ice, could also be defeated by a fighting type. In addition to those, fighting types could go against Rock, Normal and Dark pokemon as well -- a lot of which you will find in your journey. If you stumble upon odd Steel typings that counter fighting, like a Metagross or Skarmory, your Torterra's Ground-Type move and Blitzle's Electric would suffice. Simply to say, a Fighting move has more type coverage to contribute than fire in your team. (It can even help you take down those Water/Ice rather easily, aside from relying on Blitzle alone)
- Fire Pokemon add yet another rock weakness to your team. Something you wouldn't want to have after Blitzle and Staravia.

Conclusion: While fire type undeniably covers a lot of typings, your current team's already got most of them covered. This makes fire less significant and fighting more useful.

Likewise, same thing goes for pure Ice Pokemon - they could become very susceptible to common threats in your team - Fire, Rock, Steel. Water/Ice typings, however, solve quite a good bit of that.

But then again, The only reason why I've recommended/mentioned Ice moves over Water moves is because they could counter pokemon that you current party couldn't: namely, Dragons. Water moves (and the Pokemon itself), could help against Fire pokemon as well, which is why Water/Ice is pretty much a smart idea. However, unlike Dragons, fire's no real threat to your team.

Either way, both can also handle ground types if your Torterra (using Grass-type moves) gets into trouble.

But anyway, listen to what others have said -- Water type is probably what your last slot should be (most could be taught ice-type attacks anyway). Fighting (and Fire-type moves) could be acquired through TMs or via evolution of your current team.
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