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Hanso SharpEye
Cape City



Not a pleasant thing to hear the moment a Psychic 'wakes up' to the real world. Shaking his head to clear the lag of leaving Sovereign's mind, Hanso looked up and saw ruins and destruction, some places unrecognizable. The next thing he saw was Sovereign standing before Vera, who was on the ground with a serious wound. "How'd we escape all this?" Hanso wondered, hurriedly making his way over to the Blaziken. "Vera!"

"Good question." Brynn appeared in a moment at their side, her legs folded under herself. "Forget it at the moment." The Gallade propped Vera up with one arm and looked to his sister, who shook her head. "I don't have much to give right now. Aren't you exhausted, brother?"

"Not so exhausted that we can't help her!" Gently laying Vera back down, Hanso brought his hands together and formed an orb of energy between them. "And you're the one who knows all the healing specifics." As the Heal Pulse dissipated into Vera's body, the wound slowed its bleeding and gradually closed a little. Watching it stop part-way, Hanso growled quietly. "Not enough, of course."

Looking up, he saw a troop of Pokemon with a stretcher headed in their direction. Not Gold Tribe from what he could see, and Hanso hadn't the slightest clue whether the Alpha Alliance army was now cleaning up or still fighting. Or even still alive. "You'll stay with her, Brynn?"

Hanso's twin raised an eyebrow. "What, you starting to have feelings or something? Of course, I will. She's hurt, after all."

"I am not. I'm not gonna promise one Pokemon to save another and then just let the first die." Hanso held Brynn's gaze as he replied. He'd told the truth; Vera was an acquaintance at most.