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Yup. Prayer for me is a way to communicate with God and build a closer relationship with Him. You know, just casually talking with Him as a friend about stuff in my life and so on, as well as when I am in need of strength and assistance, or when I am afraid or just lonely. It helps to know that I am not alone wherever I may be and in whatever I do. I also pray for my family and friends and for people in need, whatever condition they may be in. I do have faith that my prayers will certainly be answered in His own time and I know that they have been heard.

I would also like to quote from AWsquared's post above to say that I support what he has said:

While I do believe that prayer helps, I also believe you can't just pray to solve your problems. You also have to take actions on yourself and the help of others if needed and not just relay on a spiritual being for everything. That's what I believe.

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