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Author's Notes

Current Releases: None yet
Demo One Progress: 70%
Release Date: TBA

Hi guys, I'm very excited to present this fan-game, and I hope you all are excited to play it one day. This is a game developed with a program known as "RMXP", or "RPG Maker XP" if you prefer. I have worked on this over several years in my spare time, with some very talented people also! I want to say that as of the opening of this thread, myself and the current team have finally grasped a full style we're happy with, it took a while to get to a comfortable standard. This is why we've taken so long! However, things are moving a lot more smoothly now. I hope you can all be patient and support us, we really love the feedback, the positivity keeps us going!

Without too much adieu, I hope you enjoy watching the progress, whether you delve deep into it, or glance upon it. All the best to you all!

Gav and the Phoenix Rising team.

Immerse Yourself

The War of Hawthorne

A war that had been raging for 500 years had finally engulfed the Hawthorne region.

Upon the discovery of the God Pokémon, Arceus – a mere myth until that point – the Sinnoh region suddenly came under a great deal of international scrutiny. Jealousy had spread across the other regions, disheartened by the fact that the God Pokémon had not graced their lands.

During the time of the war, a young boy from Celestic Town had discovered an instrument in the ruins, before the cave paintings of the three legendary Pokémon: Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie. According to ancient folklore, the flute was said to be an "answer to many questions." He kept his findings a secret however, knowing that a boy of his age would not be allowed keep such a valuable artefact to himself. He later wrote in his diary, "The elders, they have searched for something so key to their beliefs... I knew that I would not be able to maintain this item, but all they ever do is bicker! I felt such a connection with the flute... I think it was my calling to find out what it was for. I knew from the moment I saw it that it was fate." And so, the boy took it upon himself to solve the mystery of this item. With nowhere else to go, the boy visited the newly opened Canalave Library, which held many myths, both true and untrue. The biggest challenge to the scholars and philosophers of the time, however, was being able to determine which was which.

Many years later, the boy grew up and become a man, and the man matured into an Elder. No one knows for sure when this epiphany occurred, but the Elder finally solved the flute's mystery in his later years. The flute was that of Azure: the Flute of God. And so, the Elder followed the paths that myths and legends had foretold. For the Azure Flute would, in the right hands, show the most likely place where Arceus would appear again. He travelled to the peak of Mt. Coronet, the mountain which divides Sinnoh in two. He played the Flute and, according to the Elder's writings, "a staircase descended from the heavens above", opening a plateau on top simply known as "The Hall of Origin". The more the elder shared his story – he now being one of the respected scholars he had hid the Flute from many years ago – the more it was passed on, and so word spread quickly throughout the land.

The Emperor of Sinnoh, who resided in what is now Snowpoint Temple, heard of this news and demanded that he and his most trusted men be taken to the Hall with the Elder and the Azure Flute. As before, that same staircase descended, and that same plateau appeared, but Arceus was not as courteous upon its arrival. In fact, the God Pokémon seemed enraged. Arceus shunned the Emperor and his minions; the Elder fled, and was never seen again.

The Emperor ordered for the Flute to be sent to the Hawthorne region: a place looked down upon by the larger, more powerful regions; an opportune place to dump what seemed to be quite a powerful liability. The reasons for this, however, remain unclear. The complete story of what had happened on the return to Mt. Coronet was never released, and is said to have defined the Emperor's actions ever since. Not even those who retold their story of defending the ruler could not recall what had happened in entirety, or so they said. And so, the Azure Flute was cast into the deepest lake in Hawthorne and has been irretrievable since.

The controversy over the Azure Flute is what led to conflict in Hawthorne. However, the region did not need much of an excuse to be pushed over the edge. It had been looked at internationally in an unflattering light for many years. The various districts – the Serene Lake district, the Peaks district, the Wilderness district, the Autumn district and the Sea district – felt too controlled by the King of Hawthorne. They felt that his power was too great and his army was too widespread. Tension had been growing thicker and thicker thanks to years of economic hardship. The King and his followers lived in a very secluded part of Hawthorne. An area once riveting with exquisite nature, beautiful gardens, and an immense castle surrounded by lush trees on top of a slowly climbing peak. However, with the arrival of the Azure Flute and the subsequent embarrassment it brought, the districts had had enough.

Each district independently assembled its own army, but all were united in a common goal of overthrowing the King. And so, a war began. The districts marched forward and battled upon the long strip of land between Aputuray Town and the King's Realm. This was a battle between thousands of extremely powerful Pokémon trainers and eventually led to total destruction of that which was once a beautiful dominion. The King was overthrown and neither he nor any of his officials survived the War.

As a consequence of victory, the districts no longer maintained much organization; Hawthorne split and became a much more divided, yet freer, region. No longer were there districts in the political sense, but towns and cities grew in their place. The strip of land where the battle took place is now commemorated by a building which hosts the Pokémon League of Hawthorne. The King's Realm, however, remains ultimately untouched.

The Azure Flute was quickly forgotten about. Despite many efforts, it was never found and has seldom been spoken about since. Hawthorne was never cursed with conflict ever again, until now... history has a funny way of repeating itself.


After the War of Hawthorne, the region became destitute. The people were left elated knowing they were rid of a ruler who was riddled with greed and inconsiderate motives. But the relieved people and their Pokémon began to see how the War had ravaged their economy and destroyed what little crops they had. Hope of a renewed Hawthorne began to melt away like snow on a spring morning.

Just as Hawthorne began to fall completely into disrepute, there came a sighting of the legendary Pokémon Ho-oh. The legends said that its feathers were thought to bring joy, and that all who saw it were to be eternally happy. Ho-oh travelled across the land, gracing it with its powers; hope and happiness quickly returned to Hawthorne once more. From this moment on, the people of Hawthorne began to worship Ho-oh, not as a God, but as a bringer of good fortune and joy.

Ho-oh travelled throughout Hawthorne, and took its peace in the region where the King had once lived. This region was once a beautiful, serene paradise, which was ravaged by the onslaught of war. Upon demonstrating its glory to all the citizens of Hawthorne, Ho-oh spread its wings, and its entire body began to disperse into flakes of ash. As a phoenix, Ho-oh is believed to live for hundreds of years. Once that life has been lived, it ignites fiercely and is reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix rises, reborn anew to live again. This time, Ho-oh did not rise from the ashes.

The Phoenix Rising

A myth known as the 'Phoenix Rising' tells of Ho-oh, and a vague history of its rebirth. It is said that Ho-oh presents itself to a remarkable Pokémon trainer or great ruler if they possess a certain item: the Stone of Rebirth.

The old, elemental stones have become extremely rare in their own right. They have unlimited value in Hawthorne, so are seldom held by ordinary people. Nine are believed to be stones of evolutionary power: Fire, Water, Grass, Thunder, Sun, Bright, Dusk, Dawn and Moon. The final stone is known to be much rarer, for it has a single purpose: to raise a Pokémon from its own ashes. This is the Stone of Rebirth.

Team Chance

A menacing group of individuals known as Team Chance have been spotted in Hawthorne, asking questions about Ho-oh, and have been seeking more knowledge of The Phoenix Rising. Team Chance is led by 'King', claiming to be a descendant of the old King of Hawthorne who was overthrown many years ago. Now, the supposed heir of the monarch takes pride in being known simply as King, and wishes to take the empty throne once more. He believes that with the Stone of Rebirth he will cause Ho-oh to bear witness to him, see his greatness and show the region that he is the great ruler that they deserve.

The Eight Guardians and Council of Oracles

The Eight Guardians are strong trainers who overlook the on-goings of the Hawthorne region. They each hold a badge representing the type of Pokémon they hold. This was a system set up by the Oracles in hope that they will find the remarkable trainer able to resurrect Ho-oh. To obtain the chance to face the Oracles, a trainer must present these eight badges as evidence of their courage and strength.

The Council of Oracles are the five most powerful trainers in the whole of Hawthorne. Should any trainer wish to test themselves and defeat them, he or she would be known as the most powerful trainer in the region. However, since the Council's founding hundreds of years ago, no-one has ever defeated them. The Oracles come from five different families, and have done so since its inception. Led by the High Oracle Anastasia, they are the source of wise council in Hawthorne. The Oracles are also said to know information on the location of the Stone of Rebirth, and their ancestors first told the myth of the Phoenix Rising.

Let your journey begin…

However, every journey needs a path; the path you are going to take leads to the Hawthorne Pokémon League. To travel throughout Hawthorne, you must grow stronger and become more powerful. Eight Guardians and five Oracles stand before you. To ensure that you attain the title of the most powerful trainer in Hawthorne, you must defeat each of them in succession. Who knows where you will go after becoming Hawthorne's most powerful trainer?

After a visit to the Professor of Pokémon Philosophy, located in Nocturne Town, you will receive your first Pokémon: a gift from Professor Lotus. With your father away at work, and Nocturne Town but a speck in your eye, where will you and your Pokémon end up?

The Stars of the Show!

Alto is the male hero in Phoenix Rising. He is a determined, fighting and collected teenager. Alto grew up in Nocturne Town in the Hawthorne region with both his parents. When his father went on official business due to work, Alto became the male presence in the house and began to look after his mother. Alto and his best friend Gavin were always known to be up to mischief in the town, which led to their popularity amongst the inhabitants. Only because the town is so quiet that somebody needs to keep it lively!

If you choose to play as Aria, she is the pretty, happy go-lucky girl from Nocturne Town. Aria grew up at home with her parents, and was particularly fond of hearing stories from her parents. She and Gavin had been friends from a young age, they had both been very interested in leaving home some day, and knew that once they did, they could never agree to go in the same direction! They never could agree on one thing. But Aria and Gavin were best friends nonetheless. The towns people always found their banter humorous.

Gavin is the hot headed, introspective and philosophical young adult who hails from Nocturne Town. He enjoys exploring the wilderness around him and writing music. Although he is quite intelligent, he tends to allow some of his more negative qualities be more evident. However he is a good friend of your chosen hero, and simply wishes to find his way in this world. He claims to get recurring nightmares from a boy named Luke.

Carmen is from Tranquillo Town. She helps out with the farm her parents own from time to time, but she dreams of living in the city. She is a stylish and metropolitan go-getter who's dream is to be famous in the region of Hawthorne for her evident sharp and persuasive characteristics. Watch out for her! She may not seem like she's strong willed by how kind she is, but she fights for what she believes in!

Professor Lotus 

Professor Lotus is a rather cheery professor, a very wise young woman who has always been ahead of her years. She rarely sets a foot wrong and has always been admired for her knowledge on Pokémon philosophy and indeed, how the nature of Pokémon works. She plays a major part in the hero's life and is currently aiming to research all she can on the war of Hawthorne and indeed, on the legends passed on through generations. She is also keen on learning more about Pokémon by having our hero attempt to contribute by filling a Pokédex for her. She also likes to battle, but very seldom has she ever been seen doing so. She once used to battle with the father of the hero on a regular basis, but ever since his disappearance, she's been reluctant to do so again. She is extremely intelligent and a fantastic battler. She works hard with the Guardians in Hawthorne to preserve peace and aid her quest for knowledge.

Guardians & Oracles

Hazel, who specializes in poison types. She's an assistant to the local professor, learning about the ecology of the world and specifically the dangers of pollution. She is the holder of the Bio Badge.

Sylvie), who specializes in grass types. She works to preserve nature and plants. She is the holder of the Synthesis Badge.

Regan, who specializes in normal types. An athlete with a forceful personality. She is the holder of the Focus Badge.

Jack, who specializes in dark types. A master trickster, and all around bad boy. He is the holder of the Trick Badge.

Bonnie, who specializes in ghost types. She's someone who stays up late watching scary movies. She is the holder of the Thriller Badge.

Chadwick, who specializes in fire types. He's a hot-shot who's a little full of himself. He's a little bit of a Speed Racer flair and likes to race cars. He is the holder of the Drive Badge.

Arthur, who specializes in ground types. A modern police investigator who likes collecting clues from the ground. He's a no-nonsense, by the book kind of guy though, and not a crazy Sherlock type. He is the holder of the Trail Badge.

Abigail), who specializes in Water types. Spends most of her time in a clock tower. She is the holder of the Purification Badge.

The elegant and talented artist and musician. Her beauty and fierce attitude also comes across on the battling stage. Her power is amongst the greatest in the world. Her quest for peace and eternal euphoric tranquillity in Hawthorne has been ongoing her entire life, she became champion so that she could ensure Hawthorne will always be safe. But this is not even her biggest task, some day, she will have to face the strongest trainer she will ever battle; you. The High Oracle of the Hawthorne region.

Team Chance
Beware of minor storyline spoilers
Team chance is led by King. A descendent of the old King of Hawthorne who led the people of the region to uprise and overthrow him. Now, the descendent of the monarch prides himself in being known as King, and wishes to take the empty throne once more. So he intends to make the phoenix Ho-oh rise before him and bow to his greatness so that the region may do the same. King, is trying to recreate history and restore the existence of an evil ruler. To do this he has taken the help of some of his followers top stop anyone that gets in his way. The hierarchy is as follows;

King - The leader of Team Chance
Queens & Jacks - The Administrators, they have ruling over the Hearts and Spades
♥Hearts - The female grunts from Team Chance
♠Spades - The male grunts from Team Chance

Choose a Pokémon!
Note that their stats will be increased so that they are strong like usual starters.

The starters you may choose from are Growlithe the Fire type, Petilil the Grass type and Staryu the Water type.

A glimpse into the world of Hawthorne

A venture through Route 2

Checking on Pokémon in Nocturne Town

A look at the menu in Route 1

A little insight to the battle system

Choosing your option in battle

The load screen within the game

Looking for Sylvie in Ruvidonia Town (dated screen)

Struggling through Route 3

Seeing Gavin in Romanti City

A lecture from Professor Lotus

Interesting bridges to cross...

Time to leave home!

Some crazy dialogue!

Enjoying the sun in Cornell City

Screenshot Highlight!
A rough passage through Tempostone Cave awaits!

A New Feature!


This is the PokéStrap in use within the game. The animated screenshot isn't perfect so excuse me on that one. However this is the basic idea for now. On the right column you will see the concept for the PokéStrap, I plan on making the game resemble that a bit more. The PokéStrap will always be at the bottom of your screen, except for when in menu's and so on. It does not act as your main screen but as a source of information. To activate it you must press tab, and you may scroll through your Pokémon and check their health and level. You may also still go to your Pokémon summary screen from your menu or by pressing enter when you are going through your Pokémon with the left and right arrows. Don't worry, this is not a touch/mouse based system. As a side note, the first still screen is from revamped Route 2, and the other is from Nocturne Town. The bottom screen is from Route 1, which displays the menu.


This is the updated battle system. As you can see, I have erased the "Pokemon" option, in favour of being able to simply once again press tab and scroll through your Pokemon. This makes the battle system a lot more streamlined and easy to use. No more flicking through menus to see what your other Pokemon's health is. At all times you can see your party, their health as well as being able to choose their summary and send them into battle. The screens above show how that system works, simply with the arrow keys and enter to scroll through and select.

Sounds From Phoenix Rising

Some of the custom music you'll see in the game by our fantastic composers. Some of this work is due to be updated and improved.
Title theme

Battle! Vs Guardian!

Battle! Vs Pokemon Trainer!

Battle! Vs Team Chance (Spade/Heart)

Battle! Vs. Wild!

A full playlist can be found here.

Slaver's Bay


stranger - Writing, drawing, pixel art, eventing, mapping, 3D, programming, project management, miscellaneous

~TyranitarDark - Pixel Artist

Maruno Programmer

Music Team

TheGuitahHeroe - Lead Composer

Epic RPG Remixes - Composer

Dasgust - Composer

Full list of credits.

Please keep arguments out of this thread. Whether you like the project or not, we'd love it if you guys could just be supportive or understanding of what we're spending our free time on. We just want to create a fun game for you all to play! Once again, thanks for viewing, and feel free to forward any queries to myself if needed. Are you ready to Pokémon?

Pokémon © The Pokémon Company | Original work - 2013 © The Forever Alone Team & Credits

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