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The Phoenix has Risen Again

As an aspiring Pokémon Trainer, it has always been your dream to go to the Hawthorne University and learn all about the Pokémon world. Graduating from University is your first step in forging your own adventure.

Professor Lotus, a Professor of Pokémon Philosophy, has written you a recommendation and is willing to give you your very first Pokémon on your trip to Romanti Village, where Hawthorne University is located. Your father is set to meet you there as he is a tutor of Pokémon Battling and is eagerly awaiting your arrival.

However, trouble is looming. Strange figures have been spotted all over the region and there have been whispers of their intentions to awaken the Phoenix once more. With your journey to University ahead of you, and Nocturne Town but a speck in your eye, how will you and your Pokémon make history?

History of Hawthorne
After the War of Hawthorne, the region became destitute. The people were left elated knowing they were rid of a ruler who was riddled with greed and inconsiderate motives. But the relieved people and their Pokémon began to see how the War had ravaged their economy and destroyed what little crops they had. Hope of a renewed Hawthorne began to melt away like snow on a spring morning.

Just as Hawthorne began to fall completely into disrepute, there came a sighting of the legendary Pokémon Ho-oh. The legends said that its feathers were thought to bring joy, and that all who saw it were to be eternally happy. Ho-oh traveled across the land, gracing it with its powers; hope and happiness quickly returned to Hawthorne once more. From this moment on, the people of Hawthorne began to worship Ho-oh, not as a God, but as a bringer of good fortune and joy.

Ho-oh traveled throughout Hawthorne, and took its peace in the region where the King had once lived. This region was once a beautiful, serene paradise, which was ravaged by the onslaught of war. Upon demonstrating its glory to all the citizens of Hawthorne, Ho-oh spread its wings, and its entire body began to disperse into flakes of ash. As a phoenix, Ho-oh is believed to live for hundreds of years. Once that life has been lived, it ignites fiercely and is reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix rises, reborn anew to live again. This time, Ho-oh did not rise from the ashes.

The Phoenix Rising
A myth known as the 'Phoenix Rising' tells of Ho-oh, and a vague history of its rebirth. It is said that Ho-oh presents itself to a remarkable Pokémon trainer or great ruler if they possess a certain item: the Stone of Rebirth.

The old, elemental stones have become extremely rare in their own right. They have unlimited value in Hawthorne, so are seldom held by ordinary people. Nine are believed to be stones of evolutionary power: Fire, Water, Grass, Thunder, Sun, Bright, Dusk, Dawn and Moon. The final stone is known to be much rarer, for it has a single purpose: to raise a Pokémon from its own ashes. This is the Stone of Rebirth.

Team Chance
A menacing group of individuals known as Team Chance have been spotted in Hawthorne, asking questions about Ho-oh, and have been seeking more knowledge of The Phoenix Rising. Team Chance is led by 'King', claiming to be a descendant of the old King of Hawthorne who was overthrown many years ago. Now, the supposed heir of the monarch takes pride in being known simply as King, and wishes to take the empty throne once more. He believes that with the Stone of Rebirth he will cause Ho-oh to bear witness to him, see his greatness and show the region that he is the great ruler that they deserve.

The Council of Oracles
The Council of Oracles are the five most powerful trainers in the whole of Hawthorne. Led by the High Oracle Anastasia, they are the source of wise council in Hawthorne. The Oracles are also said to know information on the location of the Stone of Rebirth, and their ancestors first told the myth of the Phoenix Rising.



Alto is the male hero in Pokémon: Phoenix Rising. He is a determined, fighting and collected teenager. Alto grew up in Nocturne Town in the Hawthorne region with both his parents. When his father went on official business due to work, Alto became the male presence in the house and began to look after his mother.

If you choose to play as Aria, she is the pretty, happy go-lucky girl from Nocturne Town. Aria grew up at home with her parents, and was particularly fond of hearing stories from her parents.

Please note that these screenshots may not be final as this game is still in development





Title Theme

Battle! Vs Team Chance (Spade/Heart)

Battle! Vs Pokemon Trainer!

Tranquillo Town

Romanti Village


Route One

Plenty more can be found on Youtube!


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Full team & Credits

How can YOU help?
It has always been a dream of mine to finish Pokémon: Phoenix Rising and continue adding content thereafter. However what I love more than anything is working with enthusiastic and talented individuals who have the same drive for developing games that I do. Pokémon: Phoenix Rising remains an ambitious project, and I would love to work with other people to complete it. This would further development at a quicker pace, as well as be a wonderful opportunity for people to improve their knowledge in their relevant field, as well as be an awesome chance for me to get to know other like-minded individuals who just love Pokémon. So with that in mind, I will be looking to work with people who have a talent in these areas:

Pixel Art:
Your job will be to provide high quality sprites and tiles that can be used throughout the game. Visual fidelity is an extremely important aspect of Pokémon: Phoenix Rising so a flair for pixel art and an adaptable style is crucial.

As a programmer, you will be in charge of ensuring systems work efficiently, as well as adding new features to the game. This ranges from UI, to gameplay systems, to small engine related changes that will improve user experience. Knowledge of the “Pokémon Essentials Starter Kit”, RGSS and Ruby are essential.

Gameplay Developers:
Events that occur during the game between important plot points must be engaging. This is an important aspect of making a game fun to play, as well as making the story feel more meaningful. As a gameplay writer it will be your duty to help decide on how the game plays out, writing events that transpire between the plot points and deciding on how to make the progression of the storyline more engaging. A good knowledge of how gameplay and story progression work are essential. Good knowledge of RMXP and/or the “Pokémon Essentials Starter Kit” is also necessary.

If you think that you have something you can offer Pokémon: Phoenix Rising, please feel free to contact me! There are many talents out there that could certainly aid production and I’d love to hear from you if you would enjoy being on a team of developers trying their best to create a great user experience!

For any of the above roles, or queries in general you can reach me at one of the contact resources below.

Contact & Update Resources
Our new sub-reddit is where we hope to hold most of our discussion and updates. Very often we will interact with the community and get opinions on what you would like to see, and also get feedback on any new updates or announcements. Reddit will be a great place to sit down and chat about the development of the game and contribute your views, opinions, or work if you so wish to!

Here Gav will be updating most screenshots, occasional development journals, maps, and more. It’s a great place to find and contact Gav, as well as keep an eye on development!

Occasionally there will be exclusive development images and events put up on the Twitter page. You can get into contact with the team easily, and also give us feedback on any updates we add! Give us a follow if you want immediate updates when there’s any announcements.

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