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Quote originally posted by Skymin:
does the New York clan have a name and would it be acceptable for my characters to organise a meeting or if they turned up in New York, would the werewolves just know?
It doesn't (not the one in New York City at least) and the only person that is allowed to organize a meeting is the pack leader, Gareth. They would take notice of a new werewolf coming into the territory if they stayed more than a couple days and then force him to tell them (most likely a tiny group (3-4) of the pack) why he was there. They would forcibly take him to Rein or if he was actively seeking out Gareth they would take him to Rein. This would get them a meeting with Rein where they can explain themselves. Gareth doesn't participate meetings with lone werewolves looking to join his pack that's Rein's job.

Ichiro has informed me that he is no longer able to participate in Downworlders. He's always welcomed back regardless of the numbers!

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