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My initial goal was to get 3 of each Pokemon in the Dream World: 2 males (where possible) with each of the Dream World moves, and 1 female of each, if it had a hidden ability. I came far from that goal, but I am only 6 short of getting 1 of each with a Dream World move, so I'd like to at least complete that.

I can't say I *enjoy* the Dream World anymore... it's more like a mad obsession/addiction at this point...
Kalos Pokédex: Seen 407 Obtained 383
Central Kalos Pokédex: Seen 149 Obtained 149
Coastal Kalos Pokédex: Seen 146 Obtained 141
Mountain Kalos Pokédex: Seen 112 Obtained 93
Kalos Medals: 84
Kalos Ribbons: 11

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