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My favourite game always changes, but after downloading it through PlayStation Plus, my current favourite is also Okami, or more specifically, Okami HD.

It was a couple of months ago that I downloaded it, because being around this board and other forums (I admit, I used to play FeralHeart, and it was on that forum that I first heard about the Okami franchise), I found out about it and looked into it, but it was pretty expensive at the time, and then one day, a YouTube ad popped up and showcased Okami on the PSPlus list, so I downloaded it to try it out.

To put it simply, I was not disappointed.

I've knew about Cel Shading for a while in video games, but Clover Studio pulled off the graphics style in the classic Japanese Sumi-e style, which works so well with the base concept of many Japanese legends combined. I also think I have learned a lot of Japanese mythology from it.
Also, it looks stunning in 1080p, and I'm glad Capcom released it in HD.

After I've completed it (I've only just restored Sei-An City), my favourite game will probably change again, as I'm just that sort of person who doesn't stick with one game or genre.
My favourites may change later on in the year, because I am hyped about the eventual releases of Pokémon X/Y, GTA V, Saint's Row IV, and Battlefield 4.

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