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Originally Posted by AnonygooseD View Post
I searched Google & that's what I found:

So it's better to just stand in a spot & spin around yourself to avoid wasting steps (you consume your "time" in the Safari Zone by walking) until you find a Stantler, then:

Now my questions:

1. I want a wall/tank Pokemon in Emerald that can learn "trolling" moves like Toxic/Spore/Will-O-Wisp/Curse (ghost only) + Fire Spin/Whirlpool/Bind + a Recovery move if possible.

2. Also my Gardevoir has the following moveset:
Future Sight
Calm Mind
Double Team

& I want her to learn the Hypnosis/Dream Eater combo, so I'll let her forget 2 moves including Future Sight, should the other move be Calm Mind or Double Team???
Thanks in advance to whoever will help me.
1. Dusclops can learn Will-O-Wisp and Curse if memory serves me correctly.
2. Get rid of Double Team. It isn't really doing a whole lot for you, having Calm Mind to boost your stats up will really help with Psychic and Dream Eater, you'll also be stronger with that Sp.Def boost, helping you survive dangerous moves like Shadow Ball. It's a practical advantage to use when the enemy is asleep whilst Double Team is playing lucky. That's my opinion, anyway.