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Sorry for the late replies! I've been working hard on it and have been using a blind forum more for discussion of the game and updates. I also had a week long hiatus due to personal issues.

Originally Posted by audiogamer22 View Post
Before we get into what I think of this amazing Pokemon game Let me tell you two things:
1. I'm blind. I think I'm the first blind person to comment on this thread so yay for me!
2. There's a great site called.
or, If you want to jump strate to the forum go to

(I can't post links yet so hope that helps)
Maybe your friends would like to check the site out to?
I've been hearing a lot about this site and a few others. This is way too beta to even be put there yet but I've been considering using that as a distributor.


Now to the game.

I've always wanted to play Pokemon as a kid but couldn't.
I recently tried a rom download of a pokimon game and got quite far with a walk through.
I herd about your game from a member of the forum I've posted about above and tried it.
First let me say that for someone who it seems has never herd of audiogames, this is a great and amazing game and I can't wait to be able to complete routes, beat gyms and all the rest of the stuff I wasnt' able to do when I was younger.

here's what I think is good and what I think could do with a little improvement.

the good stuff: the menus work great, the different sound of the Pokemon is a great thing and the way of playing the game is really easy and amazing.

I have a question, because I haven't got very far, can you walk onto more than one map and do pokimon's attacks sound different the fervor you go?

Here's the part I don't like writing about. the stuff that needs improving.
well it's only two things I think. 1. the walking sound. I don't know about others but for me at least it's a bit to loud. if you could make it so you could maybe turn it off so it sounds like you do when you walk in Pokemon blue or any other game, that would be nice.
Or maybe a keystroke that would allow you to turn the sound on and off?
2. when you "white out" in the game doesn't that mean you faint and end up in the hospital?

I can't wait to see more of this game, and will be looking out for more amazing updates.
Keep up the great work.
Brad, AKA Audiogamer22
To answer your questions.

1. The map does have bounds, although there might be a few glitches that knock you out of that map. In the current release I'm working on I haven't had that problem at all but it might still pop up. You know you got knocked out of the map because you can't hear the "grass" sound.
2. The sound is a demo sound, and I've heard several people say it's too loud. Pokemon Red/Blue actually doesn't have a sound for moving (although it does have a wall sound). The sound has been reduced in volume as of late.
3. When you white out, it means all your pokemon fainted, and you get sent to the hospital. In this version that hasn't been fully programmed, so you should just resume from where you left off. I haven't really been concentrating on this part of the battle so it might be pretty buggy.

Originally Posted by falcon-wings View Post
Hello there

I too am a visually impaired
gamer,and must say I am quite excited to see such a project in development.
As brad pointed out, there is a website audiogames which has audio games blind gamers can play,and active forums where all things related to gameing are discussed. Just google it,beeing a new user and all,not allowed to post links.
I gave the demo a go yesterday,my yesterday anyway. :p And it was quite awesome!
I would like to test this in any case,and would be happy to offer suggestions as and when they are needed.
The game works quite well after installing sapi4,however if it can be done,I would suggest using sapi5 engine instead. as it comes installed with most windows OS's 7 and such.
That said, there were a few bugs that I found while playing. when my bulbasaur fainted,I did switch to a new pokemon,however when I encountered a wilde pokemon after defeating the other one, it said go,0 and such. in miost dialogs it started calling bulbasaur as 0. like 0 fainted and so on.
as for your visually impaired testers not beeing able to see the error dialogs? there is a easy fix, don't know how much work would that be,though. you could have the game create a error log and have the contents of the error dialogs pasted in the log. and then your testers could just forward the log to you.
I will be eagerly looking forward to talking to you and any further development on this!
Falcon wings.
1. I can't use SAPI 5 since the dll is only able to work with SAPI 4, and there's absolutely no documentation on this. So SAPI 4 is the only way to go now.
2. You said when after you switched? I'll have to test this bug. The game is supposed to skip sending out pokemon with HP 0 but it must have skipped something. It might have been changed in the release I'm working on right now.
3. Error logs are actually generated. I guess I worry too much. lol

For both of you guys:
I haven't posted Release 4 here, but I do have a link on ZoneBBS that I can share here:

Update information:
-Fixed a lot of stuff with Wild Pokemon Battles!
-Pokemon evolve now!
-Some moves were added!
-Accessability features added!
-All sorts of pretty sound effects added!
-Fixed all sorts of little things

Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
well this project is odd, I think its different... I really dont know what to say here i just wanted to say i find its weird and maybe useless
I have over 5 blind friends that I regularly talk to, 2 of which are completely blind. They've never been able to play a Pokemon game to the fullest extent that you or I could, so it's a project to let them play the game. Just because a project may not be of use to you doesn't mean that it won't provide help for someone else. The audience isn't even for the sighted, anyhow, although sighted testers and players are always welcome.
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