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July 10, 2013

I started out the day by walking out of the Black City Pokemon Center, where I seem to end all of my days now, and head to the nearest gate so that I could check up on the newest Pokemon outbreak, as I am trying to complete the National and Regional Pokedex. And, surprise surprise, disappointment again. I walked out and back to the Pokemon Center in Black City. My team was all at level 100 so, no challenge there. Time to level up the next group of my favorite Pokemon, the Dark types. Now, just the difficult part of deciding which ones should get the next level up. And how and where I should train them. Looks like another adventure awaits, one could say. Perhaps I could figure out a way to get the Regi's too. Now that'd be an adventure. Looks like research and training for me today. Maybe I should challenge the PWT again, it has been a while. Not today. Lots to do. Must prepare my beloved Dark types for their next adventure in the Kalos region!

Well, I suppose that's it. I'll leave off here and get back to you tomorrow journal!
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