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Quote originally posted by Rest:
I've only seen WWZ and Now You See Me, and I liked both of them for what they were (the latter a bit more, I really liked Isla Fisher the star-studded cast). Haven't seen Man of Steel yet, and I'm not planning to unless my friends drag me out..
What was your favorite part of the movie and why? o: I need someone to discuss it with and nobody else I know (but one person, the one I saw it with) has seen it, haha.
Quote originally posted by Scarf:
I have a feeling Pacific Rim is going to be one of those movies that you either love or hate. That's my experience with other del Toro movies.
I love most of del Toro's screenplays, especially for the Hellboy movies and The Hobbit, so I'll likely really enjoy Pacific Rim even though I'm not sure what exactly to expect going into it. Then again, I'm doing that on purpose with a lot of movies nowadays; I'm willing to spend my money going into a new movie blind if just the little bit I know interests me. That way my expectations are neutral and I can form my own opinion after the fact that's only affected by the experience, if that makes sense.