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Originally Posted by PJBottomz View Post
Yep, I'm positive. I know that the sign that it's 1.1 is that "Presents" appears on the opening screen right below the Game Freak logo/symbol, and my game doesn't do that.
There are 2 dead giveaways that you're using FR 1.0. The first is indeed the lack of a presents thing on the Game Freak screen. The second is that Pokédex entries with a space in the species descriptor ("Tiny Bird Pokémon" for Pidgey for example) stop with the space, instead of ending when they should (So it would read "Tiny Pokémon" for Pidgey).

I honestly have no idea why this won't work for you, but I can assure you, I tested the code and it works exactly as intended.

You have used the patch for (or otherwise installed) JPAN's save block extension, right?
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