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Christian Davidson - outside the Pool

Standing in front of this girl was just getting boring, seeing as how she was just looking for Ryuu. She admitted to being from Fairytale, but wasn't a trouble-maker so far. Chris yawned a little, turning to the others, "Well, nothing interesting here. I'm heading back to the pool. If things pick up, let me know." With that said, he turned to go, but saw something out of the corner of his eye on the academy roof.

He could see a figure blasted off the roof by something. By what, he couldn't see, but he soon saw another figure. This one was a female and she suddenly fell off the roof. "What is it with people getting hurt today?" he thought. Certainly wasn't boring, though! Without a moment to spare, he darted to where the girl fell. From her appearance, she seemed to be a rocker. Awesome! Another that seemed to be like him. He noticed that she had quite a few bruises and was extremely exhausted.

Chris crouched down, gently sliding his arms underneath her shoulders and knees, and lifted her up with ease. He slowly walked inside with the girl and soon reached the infirmary. He nudged the doors with his bare foot and walked inside, setting her in one of the beds. The nurse approached, "Chris! Nice to see you again. Do we have another injured student?" He simply nodded, "I think she's new, but I don't know. She fell off the roof and landed in the bushes. She's banged up pretty bad." The nurse nodded in kind, "Alright, then. We'll take care of her for you." Chris smiled and nodded, taking one last look at her as he turned and walked out the door, heading back outside and to the pool.

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