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Shawn Williams - Raikou Dorm - Oak Town

Shawn smiled as Kayla came and stood next to him, dismayed at how things are going. He solemnly shook his head, placing his hands on her shoulders. "I know, hun," he softly said to her, "and I'm sorry it had to happen. I should've kept my mouth shut. We've just gotta deal with them until they leave." He softly kissed her lips, "We'll go on our date afterwards and I'll try to make up for all this."

He turned his attention to Amy and sighed, "Well, she seems to be happy with Haru. I'm happy with Kayla. And you seem unhappy about that. How sad for you, then. If you don't want to accept that, then its your problem and not ours." Shawn then looked at Chase and Satoshi. "Forgive me if my words seem rude," he spoke to them, "I just have my fair share of life's problems without having to add this to the mix. I hope you understand."

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