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Fresh outta Serebii, we get these goodies:

The next batch of CoroCoro information has been released and this batch showcases more information on the upcoming games Pokémon X & Y. We're currently in the process of translating so keep checking back. Xerneas is Fairy-type, Yveltal is Dark/Flying. Xerneas has an ability called Fairy Aura while Yveltal has one called Dark Aura. Fairy Aura powers up Fairy-type moves while Dark Aura powers up Dark-type moves. Xerneas has a special move called Geo Control and Yveltal one called Death Wing
Pancham's evolution is called Koronda (コロンダ) and has the ability Iron Fist. It is Fighting/Dark-type. It has the move Hammer Arm and a new method of evolution
The pink bird is called Shushup (シュシュップ) and is Fairy-type. It is the Perfume Pokémon and has the ability of Healer. It knows the move Aroma Therapy
The Squids are called Maika (マーイーカ), the Rotation Pokémon, and its evolution Karamanero (カラマネロ) the Reverasl Pokémon and are Dark/Psychic-type Pokémon. Maika has a move called Turn Over which reverses stat changes. It's a Dark-type move
The puff ball is called Peroppafu ( ペロッパフ) and is also a Fairy-type. Its ability is a new one called Sweet Pale. It's the Cotton Candy Pokémon and has the new move Drain Kiss
Clauncher is exclusive to Pokémon X while Skrelp is exclusive to Pokémon Y
There's a new Gym leader, with the robot arms, called ****oron (シトロン) while the other Gym Leader is called Zakuro (ザクロ)
The professor is called Purataanu (プラターヌ)
The evil team is called Team Flair/Flare (フレア団)
CoroCoro is offering special Xerneas & Yveltal figures if you pre-order the games and send in a form

What are your thoughts? Surprised at all by Xerneas' type?
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