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Quote originally posted by Twilight Sky:
I believe Team Rocket had similar motives, if I'm correct? If not, then getting rich was at least part of the focus.
Similar, definitely. Team Rocket's focus though was definitely the use of Pokémon, stealing, and selling them to make their money. From what we know now Team Flare (I'm sticking with this spelling, it just looks so much better =P) just wants to make money. Maybe not enough has been revealed yet, but the lack of Pokémon or their usage in their scheme is a pretty big difference. Of course, it's assumed Pokémon will be used somehow, but from the current information they aren't the tool and the currency to do so.

Quote originally posted by SnowpointQuincy:
The "Rotation Pokemon" That Squid might be the rumored "turn over evolution" Dark/Psychic will be different.
I'd kind of like to see that rumor come true. With Maika and it's evolution it does look like that might be possibile, so who knows!
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