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Quote originally posted by MarinoKadame:
Too bad Juniper is still alone as a female prof for the main serie.

Yeah, I kind of would have preferred to have another female professor, but I do like the appearance of the one we were given. Kind of seems like an age somewhere between Elm and Rowan, so not inexperience like Elm seemed to be, but not as knowledgeable as Rowan was. Maybe a more middle-of-the-road professor who has the knowledge to help you when you need it, but is learning along with you as well?

Quote originally posted by MarinoKadame:
Too bad Pancham evo just look like the two other bear evo but in panda version, would prefered something a bit different.

It's kind of hard to do a bipedal bear to look ferocious and not look similar =P At least it has some distinction from the two (mainly it's cape/trenchcoat sort of thing).

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