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Conor Crawfod || Class --> Practical Battlng

"Sure" Ny responded as Conor offered ta give her his jacket. “Here you go” Conor said as he removed his jacket, folded it up a bit and handed it across ta Ny.

"Huh, I've never been thare, Never really travelled all that much ta be honest. Lavaridge is located n a place that makes travelng wit a group rathar difficult." Ny explans. "Tha tawn is knda imbedded nta tha cliffs of tha mountan wit only a few safe ways ta git down."

“Yeah, I heard bout Lavaridge Tawn alright, it’s supposed ta be crazy warm. Personally I don’t know if I could stick tha heat, but I guess it’s probably somethng you git used ta as you grow up thare." Conor replied as he looked over tawards Ny.

Conor was bout ta contnue rapng bout Hoenn ta Ny but was nterrupted by tha teacher who was makng an announcement ta tha class. "We is gong ta start tha next part of tha lesson. Make sure you have a jacket, enclosed shoes and long pants on, if you don't you may go and change quickly befoe heezeeng out ta tha tranng fields... and yes I will know if you don't come back. I'll explan tha rest of tha lesson when you is thare."

“I assume you’re gonna heezee back and change?” Conor quizzed lookng over at Ny. Just than a voice cbee from tha othar end of tha classroom. “Hey homeys, we're gong outside now, come on!” It was Mike, who seemed ta be heezeeng out n a short-sleeve shirt. “Wow is he crazy?” Conor thought, he than proceeded ta look down and notice he tao was wearng a short-sleeved shirt. He could do nothng but laugh ta himself and proceed ta git up out of his chair ta contnue wit tha next part of tha lesson.
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