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Full name: Marquis Withrow
Age: 17
Appearance: He is a caramel skinned teen who stands at 5"7 and has broad shoulders. He weighs 127 pounds and lacks noticeable body fat. His hair is shaved, even on all sides, and is black. He has brown eyes, and wears black rectangular glasses. His face is handsome and cleanly shaven, and he has a thin jaw. He has no acne or facial blemishes.

His shoulders are about 2ft wide, though he has long, skinny (toned) arms. His legs are not so skinny, and are well muscled. He has a six pack and a straight back. He usually wears a t-shirt with no design, just a color (with his favorites being red/green/blue/teal/orange) and then jeans. He never wears shorts because he doesn't like showing his legs, no matter how hot it is.

History: Marquis is not his real first name, it is in fact his middle name. He never tells his first name to anybody, and doesn't acknowledge it himself. During registrations, he enters the computer to change the roster, removing his first name, and has even changed his digital birth certificate. The only people who knows his first name is his family and the doctor who helped his mother give birth to him. (Early grade school teachers might know, but due to his low key status as a kid, many wouldn't even remember it.). The reason he goes to great lengths is because he simply doesn't like his first name, and finds it fun to have a little mystery surrounding himself.

He didn't realize his power until he was nine years of age, when he got his first handheld system. After enjoying video games so much, he imagined himself inside the game. This focus was enough to get him inside the very simple console, and he was able to experience the game in a new light. After practicing this new power on every video game he had, he wanted to take it farther. He would jump around to all the appliances in his kitchen, causing chaos. In school, he was able to change his grades to perfect scores (but when people got suspicious, he only changed them to honor roll As and Bs). He kept his abilities secret from his family, and did very well for the most part.

At the age of 14 he accidentally shut down an entire section of a major city, placing himself in stasis for three weeks until they fixed the problem. When he casually went home (thinking he had been asleep for an hour at most) it turned out his parents had presumed him missing and had gone crazy looking for him. He suffered several more incidents like this (where he would get locked in stasis, and his parents assumed he just ran away) and was eventually sent to Gilded Halls by his parents. (His grades were still high because in highschool he started to go back to perfect grades, and showed "skill" at programming and computers.)

Ability name: Technology control
Explanation: Marquis can physically enter anything that uses technology and manipulate it from within. The power can be used to transport quickly via telephone lines and more commonly the internet. He can also transport himself through a text message or phone call. He can act as a virus or a firewall by tampering or fighting files within a computer. He can travel through wires to get around a building quickly, and also enter TV shows. He is able to pull one other person with him, though it is extremely dangerous and the other person must be physically touched, and can get lost (though he can find them very easily). This is really only used when traveling by wire, or to enter a video game with a friend. Traveling by internet with another person is too risky and not responsible.

Although he doesn't have to physically touch the object, he does have to see it. When he starts to focus, his legs disappear first into particles and then it moves up, entering the computer. The particles are not touchable, but it only takes a few seconds. In terms of fighting potential, he leaves his phone on and can dematerialize any section of his body to avoid an attack.

When in a computer or electronic, he is able to do anything his mind can think of. There are no limits inside of a computer (This sounds strong, but there is nobody else with this power, so basically he can be the best cheater in a video game). This extends slightly to people he brings in with him, they can do anything too, but they can't override what he can do.

Another skill he has picked up is controlling a small device that he invented himself that creates a solid clone to take his place and do basic, pre-programmed tasks (such as pretending to type, eat, sleep, or write). It can't say more than a few basic phrases, but can be materialized out of his cell phone (taking up a second person if he goes in with it) in the same way he can materialize. The clone can also act as a surrogate, being directly controlled by marquis is he wishes to (this is mostly in case he wants to transport the clone without putting it in a device, or for protection, or even just to quickly enter another device without being seen) The clone is still limited though, and is not physically equal to Marquis's real body.
-Can't be used in places where the power is off. (Battery powered objects can be entered if turned on.)
-Internet transportation only works if he sends himself through an email or waits on the site until the computer he wants to show up at opens the site.
-Internet transportation is dangerous due to firewalls, anti-virus software, and potential shut downs. He often has to fight his way into other's computers.
-If he is in an isolated electronic (a computer not connected to the internet, a toaster, or even a handheld console) and the electronic gets shut off, he goes into a stasis, never aging and being unable to think. He can also be potentially erased (which is why he never enters isolated electronics)
-He can't actually control electricity, nor can he use wires as a lash (unless he enters a machine that is built for that.)
-If he wants to travel by text, it always has an attachment that says With.Hum, it usually has to be opened. (Phone calls don't apply, though he will always warn the person if he is going to enter through that way.)
-If he uses his phone to avoid attacks, then he is unable to fight himself and can only ever stall a fight until he gets tired. (It takes too much concentration to fight and defend for him.)
-Dying in a game would mean death in real life (or technically since once he enters the game, it is real life, then simply dying is dying) there is no body to bury, or sign that he dies.
-In terms of working from outside a computer (actually programming) he is not very good at all.
-The clone runs on battery, only lasting one hour with a charge. The clone acts as a robot, though feels human (This isn't a biological clone, it is something he stole and modified from a science facility, meaning he can't replace the clone either. It feels human due to the material it uses, on the inside, it is completely mechanical.) The bot can recharge quickly by plugging in, being stored in an electrical wire connected to a significant power source, or can be slowly charged by solar power. (Limitation: When charged by solar power, it can only remain stationary and perform basic tasks like speaking or pretending to read/write though for as long as the sun is showing.)
Room Number: 6 (Cause that's my number)

About the Clone: The clone is not a clone in the same sense of the word that we use. It wasn't created using DNA or biological means. It was a robot that was as human as possible, without an AI. Its function was to be able to change into a mirror image of a person and act as a decoy. Before Marquis's modifications, it would only be able to walk, wave, and say pre-recorded speeches. Afterwards it was able to do everything that Marquis did on a daily basis. Its use is primarily (for Marquis at least) to take his place when he enters an electronic for a long time, or to take classes for him so he can essentially cheat, even with a teacher looking at him during class.
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