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Haru Hatake

Haru awkwardly stumbled into Holly and Amy, and wrapped an arm around each of them, creating a small group hug. Oh crap oh crap oh crap! Haru was terrified of Amy, but she was just defending Holly. She was lucky. She had someone looking out for her. Haru had been out out on his own for his entire life. "Listen, if it makes any difference I promise I won't hurt Holly." He gave Amy a serious look and continued. "If we break up, it will be Holly leaving me. I swear it." He leaned over and kissed Holly on the forehead. "I haven't exactly had a girlfriend before...But I'll do my best. She'll get the very best of me. I promise." He hugged both girls a little bit closer. Hopefully she'll stop crying and everything will be all happy again. Haru wasn't a fan of serious situations, but he couldn't stand seeing people sad.
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