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I have decided to begin my Kanto journey for my Electric Monotype challenge as I finish off my Unova portion.

Here is my first update:
I chose squirtle as my starter so that my rival should have no problem crushing my team.
I recieved and delivered Oak's Parcel in order to obtain the PokeDex.
I raced to Viridian City without leveling up my squirtle above the lvl 6 he got from my rival.
I began my Pikachu hunt in Viridian Forest.
I caught a lvl. 5 Pikachu with the following stats:
HP: 19
Attack: 11
Defense: 8
Sp. Atk: 10
Sp. Def: 9
Speed: 14
Ability: Static

Sadly both of my injured pokemon fainted in battle so I was able to put Squirtle in my PC
I escaped Viridian Forest once my Pikachu was lvl. 9
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