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Pokémon Rebalanced Project

This project is aimed at making every included final stage Pokémon useful in at least one role even at the “End Game” in order to promote fair, more challenging, and diverse trainer battles throughout your game experience without having to rely on overleveled, overpopulated Gym leaders with perfect coverage on the second Gym.

I intend to do this by:
  1. Standardizing and redistributing every included Pokemon's BST
  2. Raking through the movepools of every included Pokemon, adding where it's needed and taking away from those with a bit too much.
  3. Redistributing the better/more battle useful Abilities to more Pokemon and adding more Abilities in general.
  4. Lastly, type additions/changes. There should be very few of these.

What I don't want to do is give every Pokemon Multiscale and Draco Meteor, but to increase weaker Pokemon BST and movepools to where they can compete with each other as equally as possible. If the Pokemon is totally devoid of any character, or if it could be useful to contrast it with another Pokemon of the same typing and "animal" type I'll do so.

Arbok and Seviper make a nice example, as I'd like to further Arbok as a bulky physical sweeper while making Seviper a special counterpart with a new special version of Intimidate. I'm even leaning toward both evolving from Ekans and having a split evolution line like the Hitmon family.


I've completed the storyline and eventing up to the end of the Pokemon Tower. That's four gyms, two caves, one ship, a Rocket base, and the Pokemon Tower. I've rebalanced all ~280 Pokemon currently in the game. A hundred new moves are in and slotted into movesets. Following Help14's Pokemon is in. FL's numerous awesome scripts are in. MAK1N0's EV/IV Screen is get.
Other Features

  • A fast cycling Day/Night system(FL's Unreal time system), 24 minutes to a ingame day, for ease of nighttime encounters and plant growth.
  • A Hud with Run/Bike button, open Pokedex/Team/Item buttons, and a Clock are what I hope to be able to add. Mapped to the number keys also.


I don't have a special story in mind having planned to just attach this to HG/SS. But with the ease of creation RMXP allows, I plan on making a reverse HG/SS with both regions being expanded with locations from both the anime and manga.

I intend to follow the Rocket story line pretty closely, except with one character doing Team Rocket in as the main change. But the ease of RMXP allows me to make important NPCs much more active throughout the game and I intend to make them be so.


Boring spreadsheets if that's your thing.

Nobody wants to look at spreadsheet full of numbers, so have a few early ROUGH maps of a few areas.

Random things
Flying Pikachu!


Pokemon Essentials itself. Maruno and everyone else that has worked on the project.
Curts Region Starter Kit for the maps!

Help-14, zingzags, Rayd12smitty, and venom12
Luka S.J.
Derxwna Kapsyla


Thanks for reading!
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