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July 12, 2013

As our adventure continues I managed to level up Umbreon and taught it some good moves. Feeling pretty confident in him and putting him into battle. Started today off differently. Woke up in a Drifveil Hotel after another unfortunate failied attempt at the PWT. I was surprised how good I did this time. Made it to the finals of the Kanto Tournament. My first match was against Giovanni. I saw his name and thought that was it but thanks to Gliscor and N's Zoruas Grass Knot attack, we pulled through. Next up, Lt. Surge. Once again, thought that was it. But, I was wrong. Gliscor took down his Raichu no problem with a one hit KO Dig attack. But he and then Zorua fainted to a Magnezone. Umbreon was up and after a long struggle took it down with his Ampharos up next. Took some time but we did it. Final round, me vs. Sabrina. I knew I was going to win...but I was wrong. Hardly made it past Alakzam and then lost two her second Pokemon. Apparently I do better with no self-confidence.

Really should just focus on the Pokedex and training. Wish someone would give or trade me a Ninjask. That'd make a great addition to my team. Still trying to pick a permanent one that works for me. Can't decide though. I think once Umbreon is leveled up he is getting a spot with Hydreigon though. I'll probably have Absol or Zoroark on there too along side Luxray.

Anyways, that is all for todays journal entry. Get back to you tomorrow.
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