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Also.. On Pokemon elite 2000, my fic The Rocket Wars has a lot of my anger put into it, explaining why the protagonist uses his Pokemon to kill members of Team Rocket. Also, it will have a hint of the Star Wars Original Trilogy, and aspects of all six Digimon series (mostly Tamers and Savers) in the writing.

You know how Luke was told Darth Vader killed his father, but we all know now that Darth Vader WAS his father. Imagine that reversed for Ash and Giovanni, Ash thought Giovanni was his father, but the truth will be that Giovanni KILLED his father (and before he was born no less).

The Eleven Chaos Executives of Team Rocket are based on the Energy Types in the Pokemon TCG.

Ash (Lightning)
Isis (Fighting)
Nero (Fire)
Mercury (Metal)
Pixie (Fairy)
Adolfo (Colorless)
Fenrir (Darkness)
Poseidon (Water)
Layla (Grass)
Psy (Psychic)
Scar (Dragon)
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