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Originally Posted by Skymin View Post
I like the level of quality we have but... are you trying to say me and pete should be less strict with accepting roleplays? I like the level of quality the RPC has built up since I started here :)
Not at all! In fact, the regulations you and Pete have in place are probably one of the biggest reasons I love the RPC. There aren't endless streams of roleplays, and that's a very good thing. I'm unable to stick to any of those other RPing sites because they have an abundance of everything, but all of it is uninspired, rehashed to death by posting multiples of the same thing in a matter of days or even hours, and generally everything is just everywhere, including the GMs who post new sorry excuses for RPs every few hours.

I hope it goes without saying that about 99.99999997% of RPs on those unregulated sites are little more than irredeemable crap, no matter how "advanced" the posts there get. Even if the RPC had 100k+ players, with the current rules in place it would still be immeasurably better than any do-whatever-the-hell-you-want sites combined.